About Me

Thank you so much for visiting my little blog!

My name is Emily! Surprise! How many other Emily's do you know? Let's count!... One... twooo... three...…

Oye! Anyways! A little about moi - I'm a violinist & studying-fiddler/folk singer & songwriter, a crafter, and am an administrative assistant at a fashion-footwear brand. My life basically revolves around music, my friends and family, and my faith. I am a what some may call a progressive-Christian, and follower of Jesus Christ. Maybe five years ago, this blog started off as a directionless and hideous concoction that only my mom read. After one of my closest and dearest friends died on September 16th, 2011, I decided to do the blogging deal full-forced and to dedicate it entirely to her. I used to write posts relating to the grieving process and more personal-related matters. In the most recent year or two, I decided to keep it less personal and political per-say, and focus more around the things that are wonderful in my life. Tales for Karina Marie is a dedication to an friend of mine still to this day, but rather than sticking to the daily "tales" of my life, posts are geared towards fashion-styling, crafting/DIYing, film, and music.  

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