Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby Blog

After a long 12-hour day at work yesterday, I came home to my roommate, Emily Elizabeth. She was cooking vegetarian lazagna and looking at one of the sweetest little blogs I have ever seen in my life. My mom and my cousin, Kristin, will adore this.

"I used to introduce myself as a copywriter & concept designer in advertising, but that's not that relevant anymore. Right now I am a mother and a housewife, and loving it! This blog is my maternity leave hobby. While my baby is taking her nap, I create scene around her and take quick snap photos. I use only few minutes per picture, including creating idea, implementation and editing, 'cause I don't want to disturb her sleeping and most of my time is for my family. My camera is small and inexpensive Canon IXUS 750."

Check out Mila's Daydream.


Sarah Collins said...

This is honestly too much for me to handle. I'll be passing that along to Jane, and she will die!

Emily Haviland Baker said...

Awwww yes! Tell Jane I say hello! So, I'm getting a car soon. AKA, I will be coming to visit you in NYC soon. K? K!


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