Monday, November 15, 2010

Birth Control Bust

It’s funny how Christians all have different beliefs from one another. Some believe in praying to the Saints and some in speaking in tongues. Some believe that God gave us free will and some believe He IS our will. Some believe in both…

But there is one thing that I want to make very clear: There is NO place in the bible that says using birth contraceptives, i.e. condoms, the pill, Plan B (for emergencies,) and other forms of birth control, are wrong. An old friend, apparently not so much of a friend anymore because I actually voiced my opinion, *gasp!* recently (in reference to BC) said, “We’ve taken back our faith in God that He is capable of providing for the needs of our families.” AKA using birth control = not having faith in God.

When I need to study, I don’t say, “Oh, I have faith that it will get done… God is capable of providing for the needs that I have.” No, I don't say that. I get my studying DONE MYSELF! And why? Because God has blessed me with work! God is in no way going to do my homework for me.

And if I ever get married, I will most certainly use birth control. I DO have faith and with that, I have faith that with the help of different birth contraceptive options, God will not allow childbirth too early in my life. That’s why it was invented, my friends! Because before the pill (etc) women were not women when they were having babies. They were 13-year-old girls!

And guess what else? I was on the pill for 6 months, and it wasn’t because I was having wild, orgasmic sex. It was because I have a blood disorder, and we are blessed enough to live in a time with modern medications. So don’t give me the “well, why don’t you do natural birth control?” Or the “why don’t you use herbs?” Guess what folks?! I have a lot more chicken to fry other than worrying about my unnaturally intense periods, and when I’m married, I am not going to want to be worrying about being pregnant when I don’t feel emotionally ready! Yes, God WILL provide for my family, but guess what else?! I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want me to have a nervous breakdown, because I’m not ready for a baby. I’ve put myself through enough and have been through enough to know that.

And to the man that tried to persuade me otherwise, yes I DO have a nerve and yes, I DO think you are naïve and inexperienced. You may have traveled and seen the world, but you have not lived certain experiences that others have. You have not been sexually abused and you have not been diagnosed with AIDS or HIV. Why don’t you ask the women and men in those situations what they would have done if they had used a condom or been on the pill?

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