Wednesday, December 8, 2010

O2 Yoga

So the other night, I went to the most AMAZING yoga class I think I have ever been to, and I have been to A LOT of yoga classes in my day.

With my insane schedule, including full-time work and full-time school, I started gaining some LB's. I know, weird huh? I actually started to gain weight! I guess I'm not my 18 year-old self anymore. (Boo!) So finally I said to myself, "Girl, it's time to get back in shape and stay there!" So, I signed up for power yoga classes at O2 Yoga in Somerville. Can I just share with you how amazing this instructor is?! Her name is Mimi, and she was absolutely wonderful! She stretched me out so much and worked us really hard. The most perfect part about it was that I wasn't feeling like death afterwards because I hadn't been to class in over 8 months. (Gahhh)

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