Monday, October 10, 2011

Tales for Karina Marie

Happy Columbus Day to all you folks that are lucky enough to have the day off!
Welcome to my new blog (sort of.) It has definitely been a month to remember, that is for sure. On September 16th, one of my dearest and closed friends, Karina O’Donnell, died in a tragic car accident. We had been friends since the 7th grade and our friendship was only getting stronger. Karina was one of the most amazing people I have ever known. Her strength was incredible and her smile could light up an entire room. It hasn’t been a month, but I still feel like we are in a fight and that we will see each other when either of us isn’t being so stubborn anymore. When Karina and I fought, which was VERY rare, we fought like sisters. She was the sister and still is the sister that I never had. Our best friend, Ali, who I get closer to as the days pass, would remind us of that. KarinaandI-1
I almost immediately decided to take my blog and transform it into something possibly great. For the past week or so, I have been working closely with Danielle from Take Care to redesign the once horrendously ugly layout. (P.S. She is a living wonder, and I am so blessed to have worked with her.)  She took this little blog and has made it look amazing!… I also started to think about the horrendous photographs I was taking with my point and shoot and decided that it just wasn’t going to work out anymore with us. (Luckily, it is about to die, therefore I had a good excuse to break out the dough for a new camera.) I ended up getting a used Canon Eos Digital Rebel, and it will be arriving this week; so be ready for better photographs and more posts in general.
I am extremely excited to see where God takes this blog. I honestly think that He could do wonders with it, so I am looking forward to doing the work and witnessing fruits (if any) of the labor. Posts will include anything and everything, because that is how me and Karina did it. We talked about it all; from my job, to dating, to DIY projects, all will be covered.
Please stop by more often, because I so do enjoy having even one reader!


Emma @ She Got Married said...

Awesome, Emily. Can't wait to read more. xo

Sarah said...

I'm so excited for this! Love you!

Emily Haviland Baker said...


Jamie said...

What a tragic but beautiful basis for a blog.


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