Thursday, November 10, 2011

Project One for Our Thanksgiving Dessert Table

I’ve recently gotten into the crating thing. Surprise, surprise! Another blogger that is also a crafter, but don’t be expecting an Etsy shop outta this little lady. NOT happen. (At least not  yet!)

About a month ago, I proclaimed to my mother, “I am putting myself in charge of the Thanksgiving dessert table décor!” And she, of course, was all for it! (With everything the year has brought, the less my mother should be serving thirty people on her hands and feet.)ANYWAYS, I already have a ton of ideas that I am going at with full force! Maybe a little obsessive?

Project One: Wooden Letters spelling out “S-W-E-E-T”

This was easy compared to sewing my pennant flags on a string  project. (You’ll be reading about it very soon.)

Step 1: Go to your local crafting store- (A.C. Moore is a less than a mile away from me. Just got a Rewards card. YEAHHH Buddy.) Pick up a can of spray paint of the color of your choice and wooden letters that will stand on their own. I decided to go with turquoise, because I want a color that will pop from the rest of the autumnal colors.


Spray Paint- $5.93 at A.C. Moore


Step Two: Make sure to either do it outside and to lay down newspaper first. Then spray away!

Step Three: Let it dry for a couple hours and do another coat. And repeat in 24 hours if need.


Wooden Letters- 99 cents at A.C. Moore 

Do we like? Yah?


Christine said...

Love this idea, so cute! I'm with you on the becoming a "crafter". I think blogging {and pinterest} has opened up the world of crafting to me. Now if it could just pass along a little skill with that inspiration...

emily anderson said...

These turned out so very cute...and I love that it's for your thanksgiving decor...way fun :)

Betsy said...

Ah! What a great idea!

Emily Baker @ Tales for Karina Marie said...

Thanks ladiesss!!!! I'm so excited! stay tuned for more! :)



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