Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Years Eve Fashion

I’ve been asking all of my closest friends quite often these days about what their plans are for New Years… I still haven’t found OUT, but we’ll get there eventually. I rarely start thinking about my New Years plans before Christmas. I’ve never taken it that seriously.
But since this year was a bit of a shit-show at times, I figured I would change that tradition of mine. And naturally that starts with me brainstorming ideas about my outfit.
I’ve already purchased three out of the four pieces below. Everything is on sale at J.Crew (plus free shipping and 25% off,) except for the Sam Edelman 'Roza' Pumps. I won’t be able to afford those let alone walk in the darn things!

I also purchased a long buttonless, long cardigan that I will wrap the belt around.
Does anyone have a favorite place of theirs (other than Blowfish, of course) where they buy cute heels that aren’t too cheaply made and aren’t super pricey??

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