Friday, December 16, 2011

Three Month Anniversary- 10 Things

Today, more like tonight around 11:00 p.m., marks three months exactly to Karina’s accident. Unfortunately, this time also marks my “lady-time,” so pretty much everyone around me is screwed. (Watch out, I might just start blubbering for no reason OR I’ll just bite your head off. You never know! Its like a game!) I feel like the 16th of every month for the next several years will feel strange and uncomfortable, and I’m just kind of getting used to it.
I decided that I would share with you all 10 things that I miss about Karina. So here goes nothin’!
P.S. They’re in no particular order. I’m not that organized.
1. Her Voice
I could recognize her voice in a crowd of a million people. I can be a really loud person, which is something Karina and I shared in common. But she charm people with her genuinely beautiful personality.
2. The way she would sit on the side of my tub and wash her feet
Before we would go out in the summer, she would yell from the bathroom in my apartment, “I’m washing my feet before we go out, because they’re dirty and smelly!” I would always reply with some sort of sarcastic remark and make her laugh.
3. Our sleep-overs
I miss having sleep overs with her. I know we’re getting a little old for that, but she seriously slept at my house one or twice a week at some points. She would either conk out on my super comfy couch or we would stay up in my bed and talk till we were delirious with exhaustion. The subject of aliens came up multiple times.
(I think we were freshman in high school in the photo above.)
4. Her strength
Karina did not have an easy life. She went through some extremely difficult times, but she always managed to come out stronger. She was a freakin’ beast of a woman, I tell ya! Karina could get through anything, come out on the other side, and still be worried about her loved ones and if they were doing okay.
5. Her honesty
This one is probably what makes me cry the most when I think of her. Karina and I were very different from each other. She liked musical theater, I liked Radiohead. (Stuff like that.) But one HUGE thing that we shared in common was our unique and almost jabbing honesty with each other and our loved ones. Karina always told ‘em how it is, and she was almost always right. If I was doing something stupid, she would call me out and just say, “Will you just knock it off, Emmy?!”
6. Always down to party
Karina and I loved going out with each other. We both loved to dance. And she didn’t care where we were, just as long as she was with her girls. I would take her to one of my “hipster” (as she would often refer to them as) friends’ parties, and she would have the best time socializing and dancing and just being crazy with me. We often got the “are you guys sisters?” It was great. Some of the best times of my life.
7. When she called me “Emmy”
No one had ever called me "Emmy” until Karina and I became best friends. It just stuck. And I loved it. Now I have a couple friends that call me Emmy, and I still like it because it reminds me of her.
8. Talking about our future weddings
I’ll never forget the night we went to this creepy whole-in-the-wall Irish pub in the city (Boston.) We made a promise to each right then and there that we would be in each other’s weddings and be in each other’s lives till the end.
9. Hearing about “the girls”
Karina loved children. Her maternal instincts kicked in when she was born, basically. Her older brother has three daughters, and Karina literally talked about them all the time. "You’ll never guess what Natalia said yesterday…” Karina was supposed to have kids. She would have been a better mom than I’ll ever be.
10. Her smile
This girl had an infectious smile. Seriously, it lit up the room. I know everyone says that a lot, but Karina literally made a crowd feel more comfortable when she entered.


Mary said...

I'm so sorry about your friend. My best friend right now is battling cancer - if the treatment that she is getting now doesn't work, then the cancer will most likely be terminal. It's scary and sad and awful even thinking about losing her, I can only imagine how you feel. I'll be sending good vibes your way, friend! :)


Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

♥ ♥

The Ponycats said...

You have a lovely blog,I think this is a great way to remember your best friend, I cant imagine how you feel but writting about it is a good way to let it out, writting and sharing always helps.
I hope you have a nice day and remember to have fun and smile(:

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

So sorry to hear about your friend, she sounds like an amazing person. I think you're very strong to write about her like this and it's a lovely way to remember her.
All the best,


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