Wednesday, January 25, 2012

{Guest Post} Jane from DDalkiJane

Happy humpday, er’body! (In the club getting’ tipsy?)

… Ummmm ANYWAYS! I have a lovely young lady guest blogging today and her name is Jane. Everyone say “Hi, Jane.”

So, she has these dolls… I know, dolls. But Seriously, guys, they are actually pretty cool! Check it out and make sure to stop by DDalkiJane to say hey, girl, hey.


Hello, I'm Jane. I'm so honored to do a guest post for Emily. I love taking pictures, blogging, sewing and playing with my Blythe dolls.

Today, I'm gonna share about my Blythe dolls. I've started collecting them since 2005. I have 14 Blythe dolls, 1 Middie Blythe and 1 unopened Blythe doll. I've started customizing (changing the eye chips, sand matting their faces, carving their lips and putting some colors on their cheeks and on their lips) my Blythe dolls few years ago and I want to do more, like re-rooting their hairs this year.

Hope you enjoy them!


This is Samsoon. She is the first Blythe doll that I got.I took her to Williamsburg in 2010 and that day, my hubby proposed me there :)


This is Jane Jr. My hubby and I visited New Year couple years ago and I took Jane Jr. with me. We visited MoMA for the first time and I loved it! I got to take a picture of Jane Jr. with Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh!!!


This is Abbie. I took her when my parents, my hubby and I went to New York last year. It was so cold but we had a good time. (Even Abbie looks so cold in this picture!)


This is my Middie Blythe and her name is Hee. I've named her after my best friend.I took her to Korea when my hubby and I had the 3rd wedding ceremony in Korea last year.

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