Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Ink

Yo yiggity yo, ya’ll!

Okay, I won’t say that again…

SO, apologies for my absence yesterday. Work has been super crazy, and of course, I’m still pretty sick. I just can’t seem to kick this! (Any pointers to cure the common cold would be appreciate much!)

SOooOooOOO, I’ve been meaning to share this with you all for a while. I have three lovely pieces of artwork permanently inked onto my orifice. Yes, my orifice.

This is the first tattoo that I got. I believe I was 19 years old?

Ink 2

What: A Koi Fish with the scripture Matthew 13:47

Where: Ribcage

Meaning: I always loved the way koi fish looked as tattoos, and I knew I wanted my first tattoo to be biblical and a good representation of my faith, the most important part of my life. Matthew 13:47 reads as so, “The gates of Heaven are like a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fishes.” Because many of my closest friends are non-believers, I thought this would be an interesting subject to touch on- How God accepts all different people into His Kingdom.

Next came something I have often had difficulty looking at. It is one that I did on a whim during a hard break-up. I started out with just the stars, and one of my closest friends and I got them together in the same location. The script was added several years later…

Ink 1

What: Stars and quote “I was at peace and drank your beams as they were life to me,” from the poem Stars by Emily Bronte

Where: Right side of my back

Meaning: The stars are really just a random representation of my friendship with Nina. The quote was added because I really wasn’t happy with the stars and the way they came out. The quote ties in my name- I was named after Emily Bronte, with the stars.

My most recent tattoo was gotten in October. After my best friend died in September, I knew I wanted to do something.

Ink 3

What: A letter “K” to represent my late best friend, Karina.

Where: Wrist

Meaning: Initially, I knew that I really didn’t want to put her whole name somewhere. I thought that that would just scream the message, rather than whisper it. I bounced a bunch of ideas off of my mom and Dennis, and finally came up with just putting a “K”. My very talented and artistic cousin as an “M” on her wrist that she designed. I asked her to send me a picture of it- the tattoo artist used it as inspiration.

So there, you have it! Now you know my dirty tattoo laundry! 


Mary said...

Your tattoos are beautiful. I want to get one on my spine, probably an old-fashioned compass rose, you know like the ones they have on very old maps? But anyways! Cure for the common cold...well the last time I had a cold I felt like complete crap but I had some grape Burnetts straight up and the next day I felt completely normal. Idk if it was the Burnetts but if it was it worked! Worth a try haha

jen said...

Thank goodness for LinkWithin...I find so many good posts that way. But I digress.

I love your K. LOVE. IT. I wish I had done that for my daughter. What I did do was design some scrolly lettering that goes in a circle around a moon & star - in theory? cool. In actuality? The tattooist made the lines too thick and it doesn't look like I wanted it to. Thankfully it's on my back where I can't see it every day.


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