Monday, February 13, 2012

Style de Haviland: Navy Clonker

Yes I made that word up “clonker” and yes it is Monday Funday… Wasn’t the best one for me, but I mean, let’s be real here: does anyone ever have a fabulous Monday?!

This is a really weird/interesting dress that I thrifted last month. It’s by this company called Everly, that only sells to other wholesale retailers. Does anyone know much about them? You can’t really tell that the back is longer than the front, because I tried to hide that.

And these are my favorite shoes. They’re pretty freakin’ comfortable for about the first two hours, and then they become unbearable almost immediately.




But I still think they’re pretty freakin’ rad…


It’s freaking me out how ghostly I am starting to look…



Dress: Thrifted at Buffalo Exchange c/o Everly

Shoes: Aldo

Tights: We Love Colors

Belt: Thrifted at Boomerangs

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Caitie said...

nice colors!



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