Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY: Felt Pinwheels

My most recent crafting project is yet another that will not be completely finished until I have my own place. I got the inspiration from something I found on Pinterest and this blog post by Little Lovelies.

It wasn't until after I finished photographing the process, that I realized all my lighting was off. But they still work, and someday, after I move, you will see the finished product.

My boyfriend had some left over felt pieces from a project of his, so I stole a couple and found these really cute cupcake themed buttons for like a dollar at my local craft store.

So here is the full list of things you need for this project:

+ hot glue gun

+ ruler

+ pencil

+ felt pieces

+ some sort of center piece such as a button

1. So first you are going to measure out a 4 to 5 or 6 inch square.

IMG 2178

2. You are going to draw to lines from corner to corner

IMG 2179

3. Cut from corner to center with a little less than an inch to spare.

IMG 2184

4. Take one corner from each triangle and bring it into the center

IMG 2186

5. Hot glue gun your centerpiece into the middle and secure the corners underneath, so that they stay glued together

IMG 2193

And that's your final product! I think I ended up with five or these in different colors and variations. I'm going to somehow put them onto a wall, but not exactly sure how that's going to happen just yet!

So stay tuned!

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