Monday, March 26, 2012

Mad Men Party

In honor of last night's 2-hour long season premiere of Mad Men on AMC, I had a Mad Men-themed party on Saturday. People freakin' loved it! I really couldn't have done it without my boyfriend, Dennis. He chopped up all the meat and cheese, while I was getting my beehive on. 60's music was playing in the kitchen, and I had the first season of Mad Men playing on silent during the entire party. Of course we ended up turning up the volume and watching a couple episodes.

Here I am getting ready, looking all 1960's housewifey.

IMG 2575

IMG 2572

I'm getting my boogie on, while listening to some 60's tunes. Serious boogying.

IMG 2581

I asked Ali to take some pictures of Dennis and I together, because we don't have any. That was a bad idea because they all came out blurry. Except this one...

IMG 2614

Here was my sweets/apps spread. It was a hit! I went to Rosie's Bakery, because I had a groupon, thus decided to use it for the party.

IMG 2566

Back view of Dennis in suspenders.

IMG 2587

Some of the boys in their attire…

IMG 2585

And Jamie, Ali's boyfriend got a couple cute ones of us together that I had to share.

IMG 2623

Jim had to get in on this action apparently...

IMG 2624

IMG 2625

What did you Mad Menners think of last night?! i thought it was pretty amazing. Everything I wanted and needed from a 2-hour season premiere after waiting WAY too long… And is it just me, or was Roger Sterling hilarious?!

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Debbie said...

I certainly enjoyed his version of Zou Bisou Bisou. I died. Really. Your party looks faaaaantastic. I need to have one of those someday.

Gentri said...

Is it terrible that I've never seen mad men??? Yes? ok. haha! You look so cute! What an awesome party!

Katherine McAdoo said...

this sounds like such a great idea - you and your friends look great all dolled up. i love that dress on you - it's from anthropologie, right? i tried it on and it didn't look good on me so i am super jealous of how awesome it looks on you because i really loved it. this looks like a great party, unfortunately, i won't get to watch the new season for awhile since i don't have cable :(

Caitie said...

such a fun idea--- absolutely love your hair like that!


Crystal Haines said...

cute mad men outfit! such a clever idea!


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