Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tips on How to Grow Your Hair Out

Since I was a kid my hair has been about thirty different styles.

For years I had a mushroom cut...

Thanks Mom.

Eventually we grew my hair out to longer cut with fringes.. And then we would cut it off... Again. Probably the more popular cut throughout the years has been a pixie cut for me. And let me tell you, with my small head, it looks adorable, but boy does it suck to grow back out! I could show you some REAL awkward photos, but I'm not!

The number one thing to remember when you're growing your hair out from a very short-boyish cut, is that there is not just one awkward phase. Your hair is probably going to go through up to five different awkward phases. Have fun.

So in order to not get too frustrated and just cut it all off again, here are some of my tips for growing your hair out.

1. Don't look in the mirror too much. You're going to hate the way you look, and probably rightfully so! There are several different mullet phases at different lengths and you just have to embrace it!

2. Use lots of bobby pins and head bands. Put it up in whatever way you can get it up! You're not going to be able to use elastics for a while, so just buy bobby pins in bulk! Get creative. See what looks good, even if you haven't seen someone else do it. Maybe you'll start a new fad, who knows?!

3. Get your hair cut every 6 weeks. Yes, maybe it's a little expensive, but find a hair stylist you love and you won't mind spending that money as much! I've been going to my hair stylist in the city for three years, and I can't see myself going to anyone else. We understand each other. I let him do things that he probably doesn't get to do with some of his other clients, so it's fun for the both of us! He always tells me when I'm growing my hair out, "don't stop coming. You hair is used to being cut every six weeks." It will slow down the process, surprisingly enough, if you stop going. Plus he can cut and style your hair in ways that look more natural in each phase rather than the damn mullet that's forming on your skull! Your hair will also turn out healthier if you get it cut often.

4. When you do look in the mirror, remind yourself that it'll be longer soon. No awkward phase lasts more than 3-4 weeks, so don't let yourself get down. Before you know it, your hair will be longer!

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Maggy said...

Ok, commenting again. This is so true, especially the bobby pins. I donated my hair and am growing it out again so I can pull it back again in the heat. No bueno, but it's just hair, right? It grows back! (a bit slow at times...but hey)


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