Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Film Review: The Hunger Games

I haven't done one of these in A WHILE, which is unfortunate, since I love writing them. I haven't seen a lot of movies recently. In fact, I rarely go to the theater as it is. For several years I would go at LEAST once a week. No I'm lucky if I go once every two months.

So I didn't read any of "The Hunger Game" books. "*Gasp!* Oh em gee, how are you LIVING right now?!" Well guys, let me tell you this, I was living a lot better BEFORE I saw that damn movie. But boy, am I a little afraid to share my opinion on this with my fellow bloggers. I feel like the majority of you enjoyed this novel-series and movie.

I, on the other hand, did not.

First of all, I was really confused by the late 1990's special affects. Did anyone other than Dennis, Rachel, and I noticed that when they were on the horse-drawn carriage/gladiator thing that the special affects were just downright horrendous? It was WEIRD! I thought this was some big flick with a big budget kind of blockbuster. I also thought the entire plot was probably the most cliche one ever created in history. I mean, surprise surprise, they end up together in the end. Just like Twilight and all the other damn teen flicks these days... And what's with teens killing each other? Isn't there enough violence as it is?! I mean, kids already partaking in activities that they shouldn't be. Now we're letting them watch tween movies about teens killing each other? Is it just me or is there something seriously wrong with that? Dennis keeps telling me it's supposed to be about bullying, but why are we trying to teach kids about bullying with more violence? Am I missing the point? Because I totally could be, guys. I will be the first to admit when I'm wrong, but I don't know about this one... This movie just freaked me the eff out!

I give this movie a D - . The end.


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely not a fan of violence, but somehow this book/movie struck a chord with me- for all the reasons listed in the article. It's about much more than bullying. And all the killing- it's not supposed to be comfortable or easy to watch. It should make your stomach turn a bit- like it did mine! But really, reaping...draft....war...c'mon. I agree with the fire effects, but ...this book/movie is much more. I so wish you had read the book first.

Abbynoel24 said...

Gosh I loved this movie...haha but I see where you're coming from. The special effects (and sadly I knew exactly what you were referring to) WERE horrible.

And I'm pretty sure it's like futuristic version of greek gladiator games. You know, the whole killing with everyone watching to control the population thing....but that's just my theory.

I challenge you to read the book, it's 100 times better than the movie :)

jen said...

I recently read this book. I thought the story was compelling but sad and incredibly violent and not at all appropriate for teens, which I think was the targeted audience. Don't our kids grow up fast enough without exposing them to this kind of story?

It was fascinating in a train wreck kind of way and I did read it all the way through in one sitting. I also have the other two books on hold at the library - mainly because the story wasn't finished in that one book and I have a morbid curiosity to see where it goes, but also because I'm OCD enough to not leave the other books un-read.

I will watch the movie, though certainly won't allow my daughter to see it (she's 9) even though she has said her friends at school have read the book. Why parents would allow their young kids to read the book is beyond me. I'm glad I care enough about my daughter's well being to screen books & movies before letting her see them.

While the state of the world in the book is post-apocalyptic, it almost gave me a bit of a Lord of the Flies feeling.

I'll chime back in after I've seen the movie, in case any of your readers are desperate for my opinion. ;)


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