Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vintage Bizarre

I totally thought these photos got lost, and now I'm bummed that I'm super late on posting this. 

Back in mid-September, a close friend of mine and I went to our first vintage bizarre. It was so much fun!!

So many beautiful things to photograph!!

IMG 4715

IMG 4716

Meet Moo-Bear. Also known as Meg. 

IMG 4718

Some amazing homemade soaps. I ended up getting three of them and one of them was pumpkin. Mmmmmmm. Yes. 

IMG 4720

IMG 4727

IMG 4728

IMG 4729

IMG 4731

There was a little photo-booth area, and Moo and I kind of had to take advantage of the situation. I'm pretty sure we were the only adults there doing it. 

IMG 4732

IMG 4734

IMG 4742

IMG 4746

IMG 4751

IMG 4752\

And I wanted this, but didn't have the funds. 

IMG 4755

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Style Sarah said...

Oh my goodness. Where is this located?! MUST GO.



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