Friday, December 14, 2012

Rachel Christine's Closet: Entry #2

It's been kind of a crazy week, guys! Rather than being hermits, Rachel and I are really trying to get out a little more during the week to socialize and see friends. I have a pretty hectic life as it is, but once I add in more friend-time, it gets a little more exhausting. I'm also working on a new music project with some buddies of mine, and last night we had our second practice. A little exciting for sure.  

Here's another installation to my roommate's series. 

I think this is another one of my favorite looks of hers. The dress is SO comfy looking and I always love it when she wears her cat-eyes! Necklace is a J.Crew knock-off that I found on Ebay for like fifteen bucks or something. And the boots are from Aldo about four or five years ago. 
The dress is from Anthropologie and I wore it to my brother's wedding last year. Rach borrowed it for Thanksgiving at her boyfriend's family's house. Necklace is vintage and probably my most treasured accessory that I own. And look at those legs?! Ow OW!

The cardigan I remember Rachel telling me is vintage. She wears it so well...
And chambray... It always looks so good on her, no?

Have a great weekend er'body!! 

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Milex said...

I love your sense of style


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