Thursday, December 20, 2012

Style de Haviland: Scalloped Faux Fur

After the horrible tragedy in Connecticut, my mom kept saying to me “the only thing that will truly change our world is if we all become less angry.” And I 100% agree with her. Making alterations to the gun-control laws and obtaining more information on mental illness, of course, will help. But I won’t get into that on el bloggo. This is not a public politics forum. But my point is, guys, that I believe that if we don’t seriously change the amount of anger in our world, shit’s going to hit the fan like it has been. How many shootings have we had this year in the states... Four? I mean, this is a serious problem. But what do all these shooters have in common? Anger.  Not necessarily mental illness, although I’m sure that’s a factor with most cases; but the major component with these people is anger. Everyone is so damn angry these days! And why? Why is that? What are we doing to our children that create such angry adults? Why can’t we all just behave and get along? I mean, that’s the problem right? When people misbehave, anger, resentment, and sadness is the result.

I can only be responsible for me. Take the oath with me to live anger-less lives. Bring joy to one another. That is what we were created for – community, fellowship, and love. 

IMG 6065

IMG 6067

IMG 6070

IMG 6073

IMG 6074

IMG 6081

Shirt: ModCloth

Vest: H&M (several years ago) 

Pants: Paige (hand-me-down from Ma) 

Boots: Cole Hann (Men's thrifted) 

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Super cute! love the sea foam walls


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