Monday, March 18, 2013

Style Icon: Edward Redmayne

So this guy, Edward Redmayne, really knows how to dress… and look damn fine. He used to be a model (surprise!) before he shared his lovely talent for acting with the rest of us. Oye. I haven't seen him in Les Mis. I know, I know, I've officially committed a crime. BUT he was incredible in My Week with Marilyn and Birdsong. See 'em and like 'em, folks. 

Here's the man of the hour.


Oh the velvet suit. Seriously, they make me go weak at the knees. 


Woah… the man does not take a bad picture. 


The colors below… flawless in my opinion. 


I need to mention that I'm generally not an "eyes" kind of lady, meaning it's not the first thing I look at physically in a man. But, um, his eyes are piercing, no?! 


Okay, okay. I'll stop...


And last but not least, the scarf… and eyes. 


And that's the end of my dialogue with myself about Eddie and his fashion sense… and uh, rockin' bod. Happy Monday!


Girl and Closet said...

Agreed. His style is absolutely flawless and this is such fantastic inspiration. I'm always looking out for great ideas for Martin as I usually end up being his personal shopper. ;) Hope you're having a great day, girly! xo

Katie H. said...

Loved his performance in Les have to to see it girly =) Found your blog through SOML =) Happy Friday!!!

The Yuppie Files said...

I have the biggest crush on him right now! I actually just finished watching Birdsong last night, so this was nice timing :) My husband actually loves him too- I think he's got a little man crush.

Definitely have to see him in Les Mis- nothing beats a boy who can sing.

Emily Rowbotham said...

Agreed. Eddie Redmayne is a god... Fell in love with him in Birdsong and have been eyeing him up ever since!
Actually love you for posting about him- I'm thinking this is a possible new internet homepage so I can see his fabulous face every time I log on!
Enjoy crushing on him too :)
Emily xx


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