Monday, July 15, 2013

Real Life: The Real Woman

The past couple weeks have not been my best. The man that I hastily thought was going to be a huge part of my future, may very well not be. I rarely share personal notes on this blog, but it seems that I must write a little to help with the healing process. I saw a post on Miss Indie - she shared a quick photo of  a new barbie doll that was created artist, Nickolay Lamm. 
Artist Nickolay Lamm created a 3-D rendering of a "normal" Barbie (pictured at right) next to a standard Barbie by using the CDC's measurements for an average 19-year-old American woman.
She created a 3-D rendering of the original Barbie, but used "real woman" proportions according to the average American 19-year old. When I first saw this, I thought to myself, "wow, that actually looks like my body." I've never had that thought looking at a barbie doll, as I'm sure the rest of you haven't either. We look at these images of women in Vogue and whether we have body-image issues or not, we will always question whether those images are accurate or not. I struggled with body-image issues just like the regular American teen, but it seems to be just getting worse throughout the years for all these girls. The media will push healthy, organic eating all it wants, but what about all the rest of the images that are being poured into our psyches? What about the reality t.v. shows that just glorify these petite housewives who have even more issues than the rest of us? What about the shows on MTV that are filling our young tween's heads with garbage?

The larger percentage of women in America put all our worth in what a man thinks of us and our bodies.We constantly judge ourselves while looking in the mirror, and wonder "why don't I look like that girl I saw today?" For the past almost-week, I've been asking myself "what did I do wrong?" Crying out to God and asking Him for wisdom is all I've been able to do. But God said something so clearly to me, "let him go and then I'll be able to do my work." I didn't do anything wrong this time, except believe this man and what he was telling me. But guess what, I am a beautiful woman who is beloved by God. I am a child of His, and no matter what the future holds, I do know that it holds a lot of exciting changes coming up, including a very big move to Nashville. 

Women, look at that representation more closely. The doll on the right is, physically, is what average women look like. We have bigger feet and our torsos don't actually create a ridiculous pear shape unlike the 2 percent of models across the world. We are real. We have real desires. We have real dreams. And it is up to us to catch them. 

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Anonymous said...

Emily -
Great blogs! I so appreciate your honesty and can totally relate to all that you share. You're right...You are a beloved child of God who is beautiful and wonderfully made. HE has big plans for you. Stay the course!


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