Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Real Life: I Still Miss You

It's been two years since my best friend, Karina, died suddenly. 

Time heals, but it doesn't mean I still don't miss her daily...


I miss you, my darling Karina.

I miss your big eyes with your beautiful long eye lashes. 

I miss rubbing your head when you're snuggling up against me, and feeling your curly locks in my hand. 

I miss your laugh and your voice.

I miss you singing at the top of your lungs in the car. 

I miss your rough eyebrows that you didn't like but I thought they were awesome. 

I miss having sleepovers all. the. time. 

I miss falling asleep in the same bed, while talking to each other in our exhausted delirium talk. 

I miss it when you called me Emmy. I was only your Emmy and always will be; but I love it when people random call me it because it reminds me of you.

I miss watching scary movies with you. I go to the movies by myself to see horror flicks now, and I always say that I'm having a "Karina night."  

I miss telling you everything and you knowing everything about me.  

I will miss you till the day we are reunited in Heaven. 


1 comment:

Alyssa Marie said...

I am so so sorry Emily. This post was really beautiful though, such a loving tribute. She sounds like the most amazing person and she was surely loved!

<3 Alyssa


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