Monday, November 25, 2013

Beauty: My Skin Regime

I've recently realized how important it is to take care of my skin. After all the stress, all of the proactiv use, and years of being a smoker,  I knew that I probably wasn't seeing the affects now, but that I would later. My ma told me recently that she started using eye cream when she was twenty-four, and I was like, "well dayum! Momma knows best because she looks GOOD!" So I listened and bought myself some eye cream!


This is generally what my weekly face-regime looks like now: 
2 Days: Proactiv

2 Days: L'oreal Revitalift & NARS Moisturizer

2 Days: Proactiv

1 Day: L'oreal Revitalift 7 NARS Moisturizer

One day last winter, I was walking around Nordstrom and they were giving away free makeovers at the NARS cosmetic booths. I'd never done it before, and I don't like shopping with other people unless it's my mom; so this was my chance! At the end, I of course, felt like I needed to buy something and wasn't really in the market for much other than a nice non-oily face moisturizer. Fifty-eight dollars later, I am still a very happy consumer. This product is absolutely amazing, and the jar lasts over a year, because you're supposed to use only a corn kernel-sized portion. I've been a user of Proactiv for many years and adore their product. Yes, it totally dries my skin out if I use it too much, but the moisturizer works like a charm as an anecdote. The skin around my nose-piercing also often gets dry, so this product has been useful for that trouble-area of mine. As for the Revitalift, it works for now. I mean, I'm 25, I don't need to be buying the top of the shelf, but I can totally see a difference! Might I also add that my skin has never looked better with this regime that I have going up here. It works like magic!

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