Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 New Year's Thoughts & Goals

2014 thoughts and goals

This past August I turned twenty-five, a bit of a milestone, eh? My early 20's were, in many's opinions, not average. I didn't finish undergrad like the majority of my fellow New Englanders, and went straight into the workforce at 20, along with becoming financially independent all within six months. (That last part was on my own accord.) The growing pains that I experienced were detrimental to my growth in some ways, but in the end, of course, God turned it all around for some pretty incredible experiences.This past year though… It was different. It was a very different year for me. After Karina died in 2011, I started to play music again, which I never thought would happen. But this time, my classical roots were thrown to the waist-side, and I picked my violin up as a fiddle…. Well, it wasn't that easy. In fact, I still sound like a classical musician in most ways, but it's baby steps to something that I think is going to be really awesome. 

I'm hoping this year that I'll be able to share my music on here more often! It's basically what I spend all my time doing when I'm not at work, so it's a major part of my life that this blog hasn't seen much of! Which makes me really sad… So I'm going to do my best to deliver!

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