Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Music: Selling my Violin

IMG 1755

IMG 1756

WELP! I'm sellin' this little lady. Yup, you heard it, the little fiddle needs a new home. I'm in the market for a 5-string fiddle on a violin's body. Unfortunately, the fingerboard/neck of this little lady is too narrow to hold another string, and in order for me to take new steps in my fiddling-studies, I want to work with a 5-string. I'm really not all that sad to see it go, because I've had it for so long. For all of my more-advanced studies, I was using the viola; but after several years of staying away from it all, I started using my fiddle again. Back to the roots! A 5-string fiddle is basically the viola and violin combined. It has the E, A, D, G, C strings, so I would totally be in my element. It'll definitely take some getting used to to having 5 strings rather than always having 4, but I catch on fast! ;) 

If you or you know anyone in the market, please let me know! The craigslist ad is here

Happy Wednesday y'all! 

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