Monday, March 3, 2014

Style de Haviland: Liberty Florals & Olives

I'm feeling pretty emotionally exhausted lately. I don't know about you, but February really kicked my butt! 

IMG 0499

This is an outfit that I wore to work the other week. I haven't been feeling very inspired lately, and when I look at my wardrobe all I ever see if statement pieces. But I think as the spring gets closer, I'll start feeling the inspiration again. It happens every year to me during February and March. 

IMG 0504

IMG 0522

IMG 0502

IMG 0527

IMG 0550

IMG 0528

IMG 0538

Blouse: Ralph Lauren thrifted 

Sweater: Ralph Lauren gifted by the madre

Jeans: J.Crew/Liberty collab

Socks: J.Crew

Wedges: Sperry Top-Sider


Indy said...

Your hair is so lovely! And those glasses suit you so well :)

Jessica Holly said...

Green is your color!! I love it!


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