Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DIY: Memory/Bucket List & Photo Display

So here was my Inspiration for this project. I saw it over on Modcloth, and was like "damn, I can make that." I just now realized that it was a kit, but hey, I saved like $15! And it was fun!: 


My dad is a very talented wood-craftsman, and used to make a lot of furniture and shelving. He's made all of the moldings in my parent's house, I believe! So I asked him if I could borrow some pieces of wood! Borrow meaning take, of course. Thanks, Dad!! Love you!!

Supplies: Two 3 ft long wooden panels (3 inches wide,) baker's twine, screw-eye nails, hammer, spray paint, scrabble letters, mini clothes pins


1. (Optional) Spray paint the wood a color of your choice. Sorry, dad!! 

IMG 1827

2. Nail a bunch of screw-eye nails into the interior sides of the wooden panels. (3 inches apart from each other for a 3-foot-long panel.) 



3. String the baker's twine between the two panels and tie to each side. 

4. Super-glue your scrabble letter-message onto each panel. 

IMG 2027

IMG 2031

Madhouse is our home's name. 

IMG 2033

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