Thursday, September 30, 2010

True Friendship

"My friends are my estate."
~Emily Dickinson

I have always had an amazing group of friends, but as we grew into adulthood, keeping those friendships has proven to be more difficult. Some people have loads of friends; you go out for drinks with one of them one night, you watch a movie with another on a different night. My friendships tend to work a little differently... There are a few that I can hardly stand to be without. Sometimes, we won't see each other for weeks at a time, and as I said ealier today to my best friend Karina Marie, I start to feel "withdrawal worse than nicotine withdrawal."

At the same time, I also put my parents in this category. My parents, Norman and Cynthia Baker, are the two most amazing adults I know. Cynthia is the strongest, most lovable little nugget, and she has become my best friend. Norm is the wisest, sweetest man I have in my life. Because I work with my father, I usually see him everyday, but this week was unlike others. Our company was holding our annual User Conference in Pinehurst, North Carolina; whi
ch Norm was attending. I called my parent's house and the first thing my dad said was "I miss you." Music to my ears. Associating a parent as not only your mentor but your best friend, is truly an experience that not many children get to have. It is something that I will cherish forever and always, and will continue to feel blessed till the day that I die.

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