Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Morning Commute Thought Process

I thought that you would all enjoy the thoughts that went through my strange, little head this morning during my 15 minute walk from State Street to the Seaport District.

Thought Numero One: Freddie Prinze Junior. Do we remember him? He was the hottest guy in the mid 90s! Except, I just watched a couple of his flicks recently, and laughed almost the entire time. What a horrible actor!

Thought Numero Dos came to my mind as I was walking over the bridge into the Seaport District. "What if I jumped in and a garbage-covered sea monster ate me?" Which brought me to Thought Number Tres: Did anyone ever watch that movie in the early 90s about the little boy who found a monster in a lake, and THEN it ended up to be some old bulldozer that blew bubbles in the night? And this kid totes magotes ended up living underwater in the bulldozer for a couple days, because there was some crazy air bubble that kept oxygen in it for him to breathe. I found it on YouTube.

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