Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summah-time, time, time

I know that I’ve been doing an absolute horrendous job of keeping up this blog. Ugh. Seriously, it’s silly. Somebody DO something! Everyday is filled with my crazy schedule: making sure Eric and Steve are ready for this trip and that meeting, trying to keep my head from not exploding from random office drama, going to the gym and trying (key word “trying) to stay in shape, finishing up a class here and starting a class there, weddings, going to rehearsals at church and helping lead worship at The Vineyard- Greater Boston, and spending time with my closest friends and my family. I’m telling ya, summer is NOT relaxing. I’ve decided that the older you get, the more exhausting the summer becomes.

My 23rd birthday was last week. Yes, 23 DOES sound a lot older than 22, although most of the time, I feel like I’m 35. Is that bad? My two best girlfriends, Ali and Karina, had a little surprise birthday cake for me last Wednesday. It was truly adorable. It’s silly how far the little things go with me, my friends. SILLY, I tell you! The madre also gave me a beautiful pair of Hunter boots. Oh, le sigh. Mama really knows how to get shit done. She knows her fashion, that’s fowshow. But I think the best thing about my birthday was how truly appreciated I felt. Sometimes, I feel like my parents (and my boyfriend upstairs) are the only ones that are always there for me. And yes, sometimes that is true! The bible does say that you can never fully count on humankind for being there. That is the beauty of Jesus. He is ALWAYS there for us. You are NEVER alone.

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