Saturday, October 15, 2011

Big Ghost

Thank God it is the weekend. Lately, I feel like I am living for it, but I suppose that is for several reasons at the moment.

Last night I was the designated photographer (designated by me, myself, and I) for the Big Ghost show. Two of my dearest friends, Michael Dennis and Rob Houdlette, play what their facebook page refers to as “shitty Indie rock, music for jerks.” The band’s previous drummer, Rob’s younger brother- Michael Houdlette, has taken a 2-year hiatus from the band, for now he is saving the world in the Peace Corps in Senegal. Ben has taken his place and Dennis, a relatively new musician, has taken up a spot in the band playing keys.

As for my horrible photographs, please work with me. I’m doing my best and am learning as much as I can!










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