Monday, November 21, 2011


So I kinda spent a good portion of my weekend (minus the late evenings) with Dennis, Rob, and the rest our 184 Green Street (you can tweet them there at @184Green) family; per usual. Saturday afternoon we decided to watch about seven and a half minutes of this flick “Thankskilling” on Netflix. There were, of course, a good amount of topless women, and killer turkeys. Little did we know that this would foreshadow the events of the next day when we got attacked by turkeys. And no, I did not get to document this because I was running for my life! “GOOD and HOLY LORD, Save US!” Just thinking about it is giving me PTSD.

But no really, there were turkeys and they gobbled and chased very quickly after us. It was probably the most frightening thing I’ve experienced in my life thus far. But the serious reason to this post is to share some (really sh*tty) pictures I got of Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Literally, the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. The nation’s first landscaped cemetery. It was seriously wonderful. I basically kept yelling,

“You GUYS, this is the most amazing experience EVER!”



And then at one point, Jim and Ariel were talking about Sarah Jessica Parker. We were walking in a cemetery, so it was only appropriate for Ariel and I to start yelling, “Dead Man’s Toe” with our nose-plugged voices; naturally we thought of her from Hocus Pocus.




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