Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Treats: Sausage Fest

Thought I would share some images of some of my favorite actors.

Patrick Wilson. Um, hi.

Pinned Image

And here he is in hipster attire. Probably the yummiest look he’s sportin’.

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So maybe Jude Law enjoys the nanny thing, BUT we’ll let that one slide.

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Jon Hamm. My co-worker’s wife went to school with his partner. Apparently she’s a bitch. That’s unfortunate.

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Ryan Gosling. He will never get old in my book.

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James McAvoy needs to do more these days. I miss him.

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amanda said...

mmmm ryan gosling.

Tara said...

i think we would be best friends based on this. my celeb husband is adam scott though...


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