Wednesday, December 28, 2011

{Guest Post} Bri from Breezy Days

Yo yiggity yo, folks! Hope you’re all enjoying your humpdays. Today I have a lovely guest blogger, Bri from Breezy Days. Bri is a lovely young woman who I’ve been enjoying getting to know these past few weeks.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to stop by her little bloggity blog. P.S. Is she not the cutest thing ever?

Hey everyone!
My name is Bri Rios and I blog over at Breezy Days.
I’m a born and raised Southern California girl and am now living in Provo, Utah finishing up my schooling alongside my partner-in-crime {aka husband} Ryan. My blog documents the lesson learned, the opinions formed, the outfits worn, and the recipes attempted.
For “The Tales of Karina Mae” followers I have a slew of  New Years resolutions that I intend on keeping up with. You all gotta keep me in check though! Here’s my list:

Breezy Days

1. Keep all my New Years Resolutions for longer than just January {it’s gonna be hard to reason myself out of this resolution…}

  1. Start up my exercising regimen again so I can feel and look healthy

    {and fit into my expansive wardrobe, there is no way I’m gonna start re-buying   clothes in a new size}

  1. Set aside a night every week dedicated to a date night {even if it’s a redbox night}
  2. Stay focused and endure to the end with school! {It’s really hard to stay focused with virtually no break in Winter Semester, and with all the snow}
  3. Keep up the good work of eating more at home, and cooking!
  4. Start keeping a budget
  5. Find a new job to make the moolah and start saving
  6. Remix and make the most of my wardrobe
  7. Break out that sewing machine and get crakin’ on some new projects, vamp up my ‘Breezy Days’ shop

Breezy Days 2

And finally,

  1. Set aside “de-stress” time where I can recharge my battery to keep up with the business of college and newlywed life

It’s a new year, and an opportunity for the brand new start. Hope you all take advantage of it! Make sure you get that midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve 
Come meander and visit me over at Breezy Days, would love to have ya!
<3 Bri

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