Friday, January 27, 2012

DIY: Felt Ball Wreath Part II

Oh heyyyy, remember this DIY project I started in November? Well, I finally finished it!

Yeah… Three months later…

But this is why it took me so long: It was my first DIY project working with felt balls, therefore I had absolutely no idea how many I would need. And I kept needing to order more. I ended up needing a little less than 300.


Here it is looking all sexy hanging in my kitchen:


I seriously adore this wreath. It is my new favorite thing to look at.

And if you missed my post on the amazing pound cake I made, head over to Life as Twiggy where I am guest posting today!


Have a wonderful Friday everyone!


Jane HyunJoo Lee said...

This is absolutely stunning! I want to make one for Valentine's Day :D
Thank you for sharing and Happy Friday!

Caitie said...

what a cheerful wreath! great DIY!



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