Friday, January 13, 2012

Real Life: My (Kinda) New Relationship


So, I have a little announcement for you guys…

If you have read closely enough, you may probably have noticed that I've been referring to my best friend, Dennis, as my boyfriend.

Yup, kids, that's right. Dennis and I are dating.

Our friendship goes way back to my sophomore/his senior year of high school. We met in theater class and instantly connected. We bonded over our mutual friend who was dating a guy with massive "moobs." (C'mon guys, we were in high school… But it's kinda still funny, right?) We spent some time together while he was an undergrad student with my brother at UMass Amherst. I witnessed his first keg stand there.

After several years of not being in contact, we bumped into each other at a party, exchanged numbers, and vowed to be friends forever. (Not really, but sort of. I'm romanticizing the story a bit for your reading pleasure.) We were dating other people; would even go on double dates with each other.

We've been best friends for two years. After an extremely rough year, I started to look at him in a different light… This guy had been by my side through thick and thin. He loved me for me, and I loved him for him. What was wrong with us?!

So, I won't go into too much detail, because some things should be kept sacred, right?! But throughout the coming months, I'm sure there will be times when I will toot his horn and sing his praises to you all.

IMG 0959


But so far so incredible.


Gentri said...

Aaaaaaw! Hooray!! Congrats to you guys. :) honestly- I kind of saw this coming when you mentioned him once. But I'm good at things like that. Haha!

chantilly said...

congratulations!! as long as you're happy, it's all that matters :) you make a super cute couple. xx

Nicole said...

yay!! so happy for you dear! may you guys grow closer and closer every day.



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