Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thoughts on Valentine’s Day {Part I- Introduction}

I’ve decided to start a short-series of posts until Tuesday, February, 21, which is the Tuesday after Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day has always been a subject of interest to me, so I thought this would be a good chance for me to share some of them. So here goes nothin’!
Let’s start from the very beginning… (In song- *A very good place to start.*)
Since I was a little girl, I put Valentine’s Day on a big huge massive pedestal. It became this unachievable high point to my life that was yet unlived. I would watch all the princess Disney films and make my older brother watch them with me and prance around the living room with a basket and apron, and sing along with Arora and Ariel. It was a "little girl from the ‘80s and ‘90s” staple. Basically, if you didn’t do it, you were lame.
When middle school and high school hit, Valentine’s Day became one of the worst days of the year for me. I wasn’t popular. I wasn’t athletic. I was the weird bible-thumper (Ha!) with braces and teeny, tiny boobs (double-Ha!) and played the violin like a champ. Most of my closest girlfriends received some sort of love-note or carnation from a guy, while a couple of us sat in absolute despair, watching the smiles of all the others widen until their faces hurt. Thoughts would go through my head like,
“What does she have that I don’t?”
“Is something wrong with me?”
“No one will ever love me, because I’m not pretty like her.”
Above: There’s Karina at the bottom and me and Al in the middle. And another good friend, Keais on the left. This was taken when we were in 8th grade.
Honestly, I think that my high school made a huge mistake in partaking in the traditional carnation-sending from student to student. It put so much pressure on young boys that had absolutely no idea what it really meant, while bringing pain to those girls that didn’t receive a carnation. Ugh- What is wrong with this society?
All of us who were on the un-receiving side would all pretend that it was stupid holiday anyways and that we didn’t really care; but I’ll tell you right now, that each and every one of us girls did care…
Did any of you experience something like this? In hindsight, what are your thoughts on this now? Or do you disagree?


Little Tree Vintage said...

love that vintage valentine, how cute!

Gentri said...

Oh, I've never had a valentine... I totally care but try not to talk about it. haha!

Lou said...

I went to a girls school, so I definitely had similar experiences on Valentine's Day. I always put on the "I don't care" face!
But I must admit it was pretty funny going past Student Services on V-Day and watching the girls loitering to see if there was anything there for them... And even funnier one year when we found out one girl had been sending presents and flowers to herself for the past 3 Valentine's Days!!

kate gabrielle said...

I felt exactly the same way all though school... The only time I really loved valentine's day was in elementary school when every student was required to give a valentine to every other student in the class, so nobody got left out.

I've still never had a valentine, but over time I've gotten over it. My cat is my valentine now lol :)


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