Wednesday, February 15, 2012


IMG 1545

I can't stop myself from eating chocolate chip cookies when they're available. I have a serious addiction to them.
I want to freeze frame every moment I spend with my mom and dad one-on-one.
I find it mildly concerning that my 18 year-old brother has to deal with family-issues that I didn't have to at that age. It's not fair to him. He's too young.
I want to soak up all of the time I spend with my best girlfriends. Even though we drive each other crazy sometimes, we still have incredible friendships with each other.
I've decided to take the plunge and will be purchasing some vintage cat-eye frames with some of my tax-refund money. The rest will be going to bills...
It really hits me when I'm driving in NH near Salem or the Loop. I spent the entire car-ride down 93 last weekend sobbing. I miss her so much...
I can't believe how lucky I am when my amazing boyfriend continues to stick by my side, even throughout this difficult time in my life.
I feel like I never, never, ever get away from the city enough. In attempt to change that, I got Dennis and I a room for a couple nights this weekend in Portsmouth, NH!
I feel like a really good person when I work out. That has been rare lately. I seriously need to get back into running, because I felt a billion times better.


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