Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dazed & Confused by Bloggers

I’ve decided the blogging is really hard.

And here are the basics of why I believe that:

1. Blogging isn’t just about the quality of the content- the writing itself and the images, whether it be photographs or other illustrations and graphic design. It’s about the display of your blog. It’s about HTML/CSS coding. It’s about making your space an exact and accurate replica of yourself, but on a screen.

But the point that I really want to focus on is:

2. Keeping the 100% positive, “go-getter” attitude everyday is almost impossible. Blogging is not just about writing down your thoughts and sharing things on your space. It’s also about contributing to other bloggers’ spaces.

So that means, commenting and reading a lot of other blogs.

Within the subject matter that I’ve chosen to blog about, i.e. mostly fashion but some DIY, the talent out there is endless. The women seem perfect. It appears that the mothers and married twenty-somethings have flawless lives, thus flawless photographs, flawless children, flawless husbands, etc.

This is hard for me, because although I’m not a very vain person, nor have I ever struggled with jealousy, this blogging sector may very well enable me to become that if I’m not very careful.

More often than not, every blog post is about:

“Look at what my amazing husband did for me today!”

“Look at what my amazing husband did for me yesterday!”


“Here’s another outfit post!”

Where she looks absolutely stunning in every photo she posts absolutely everyday.


“Look at my house! It always looks like this.”

And it’s perfect.

Now, let me make clear to you all, that I RARELY struggle with jealousy issues. RARELY. I honestly love looking at everyone’s beautiful homes and DIY projects and lovely outfits. I think blogging is a wonderful way to share what we love with each other and to inspire one another and to lift each other up… But I honestly think that all of the image-issues that women are struggling with in today’s society, can and may very well be enabled by the very blogging community that I am a part of. I think that we have all become too obsessed with how we look to the blogosphere, making sure that we always look our best.

I think we need to share more about what we’re scared of and what is really going on.

What’s really going on is a shitty economy.

What’s really going on is in the U.S. we aren’t allowed to use new embryonic stem cells for research.

What’s really going on is we are living in a world obsessed with sex- both in the Church and in the secular division.

What’s really going on is we are living in a society struggling to stay alive because of drug-abuse.

Just thought I would put that out there. I will be attempting to be a little more honest with everyone. I don’t want my readers to view me as a blogger who will only share the “perfect” pieces of me.

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Kathryn said...

Thanks you for writing this. I was nodding along. I guess it's the nature of social media huh - we get to choose how we represent ourselves. When I started blogging I wanted to focus on positive, productive things that were happening but it became forced and at one point I actually got rid of everything and started afresh. I feel much more excited about having this space where I write whatever I damn well please. It's stopped trying to be a part of something.

Also, hello. Your blog is in fact amazing. You and your glasses are too cool.


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