Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eleven Things… Once More

This lovely blogging-friend of mine, Cecilia, tagged me in that crazy "eleven things" fad that's going around the blogosphere. I've done one before, but I just don't think that it was good enough. So I'm glad the little lady tagged me, because it give me another opportunity to do it again for REALS.

Eleven things

Post these rules
- Post a photo and eleven random things about yourself
- Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
- Create eleven new questions for the people you tag
- Contact those you choose and let them know they've been tagged

Here are my eleven things:

<1> When I sleep over my boyfriend's, I have my own blanket. I need to be able to create my own little cocoon, unless I won't fall asleep.

<2> I love mac and cheese. I love the Velveeta kind that comes with the gooey cheese in the packet. I love Annie's. I love spirals and shapes blue-box Kraft. I love 'em all. And I love my mom's homemade mac and cheese. That's obviously the best.

<3> My nickname in high school was "Emily Baker the booty shaker."

<4> My favorite band in Radiohead. It has been since I was younger in high school, but I've never seen them or Thom Yorke live. It's a sad story.

<5> My favorite female artist is Neko Case. I do a lot of her covers with my dear friend, Roberto.

<6> I don't drink alcohol. It has nothing to do with my faith or being against it or anything. I just don't drink, or RARELY do, because I never cease to get seriously ill afterwards.

<7> I love Mad Men. I'm the Mad Men queen. I love everything about it, and am counting down the days till the season 5 premiere!

<8> I love cleaning. It helps me with my anxiety.

<9> I had a lump removed from my breast a couple days after my eighteenth birthday, which was two weeks before I left for college. Waking up from anesthesia was one of the scariest things I've ever experienced.

<10> I have a dream of getting a teacup pig one day as my pet. I don't want a cat. I would LOVE a dog, but I want a pig even more.

<11> I've been very independent over the last couple years. So much so, that I have trouble letting go over little things now that I am in a relationship.

Cecilia's Questions:

<1>What song is currently stuck in your head? MmmmmMmm nothing actually. My mind is moving too fast for there to be a soundtrack.

<2> What is your biggest pet peeve? I think laziness is my biggest pet peeve ever. I get REALLY frustrated with people who sit on their asses and don't do anything with their life.

<3> What got you into blogging? When my best friend died, I decided to do blogging to help me cope.

<4> What's your most embarrassing moment in high school? Probably when I asked my brother's friend out on a date and he told me he had a girlfriend. Merrrrr.

<5> What is one physical quality you would never change about yourself? I think my hair. I've chopped it off so many times and dyed it. I recently started growing my hair back to the length it was in high school, and I love it. I missed my curls so much.

<6> If you had the opportunity to go back in time for 24 hours where would you go? First, I would go to the night before Karina died. I would tell her how much I love her, and I would make her stay with me. I would ask her to play hooky with me and not go to work that day. And then I would go to the night of my older brother's rehearsal dinner, and tell him how much I love him. I would ask him why he keeps hurting us, and why he doesn't want us in his life anymore. I would want real answers.

<7> If you had the opportunity of receiving 1 million dollars if you didn't use the internet for 3 years would you take it? That's easy. Yes.

<8> What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you? I would get sleeve tattoos on my arms. I want to do it so badly, but I know that if I want to stay working in the professional world, I need to be careful.

<9> If your life was a show what would it be called? Mad Woman. (A play on Mad Men.) My life is insanely like that show.

<10> Which is worse, failing or never trying? Never trying. Don't know what else to say about that.

<11> What is your happiest childhood memory? Playing hide and go seek with my dad and the forty kids on our street in the city. We would do that on summer nights, and my dad would lead the game.

I'm tagging these ladies:

Shannon from The Scribble Pad

Mandy from Grace & Viola

Lisa from A Piece of Lisa

Alex from Blue Feather Style

Stacie from Curious Damsel

Answering these questions:

1. Do you have kids? If yes, how do you feel about motherhood? If no, do you want to?

2. If you could move anywhere, where would you move?

3. Do you play an instrument?

4. What's your favorite t.v. show?

5. What's your favorite band/artist?

6. Do you have any piercings/tattoos?

7. What's your favorite season?

8. If you could go back and do something again, what would it be?

9. What's one of the first things on your bucket list?

10. Do you prefer sour or sweet?

11. What's your favorite non-alcoholic drink of choice?


life as {Twiggy} said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MAC N CHEESE TOO! especially the Velveeta brand :)

Leelee said...

So cool!!!



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