Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vintage Finds

As some of you may know, I am moving at the end of April. I've been in the same apartment for three years now… Yeah, crazy. I know. I'm actually pretty excited about it. I am in desperate need of a change, and I really need to find a good location where I will be closer to my peeps. And even though I love my apartment, there are, indeed, many things wrong with it. One of them being my landlord. Like many landlords in the area, they don't speak English very well. I have to YELL. LIKE. THIS. and SPEAK. VERY. SLOWLY. when I talk to them. And they never do anything. They're probably the worst slumlords in Somerville. Another thing is that it was a good first apartment, and it's time for a big girl one. Another is that my best friend, Karina, and I spent every waking moment in this apartment. I feel like in order for me to take a step into a new season without her, I need to find a new place; so that every nook and cranny doesn't bring a wave of memories and loneliness. Nah'mean?

Since my friend Ariel and I are finding an apartment for September, in the meantime I am hopefully going to sublet a room in her current apartment for the summer. This is all way too much information for you guys, since this is supposed to be a post about some of the vintage finds I've purchased recently. Getting off topic…

Point of this little story is that I've been starting to collect funky items for decor.

I found this sweet little lady for two bucks that I'm in love with. Maybe she's a little creepy, but maybe not? I'm planning on putting her on a shelf, but not sure yet.

IMG 0050 sadness

Next is this cool vintage frame that I can add to my collection of wall hangings that are all going to go on one wall.

IMG 0048

And the next is not decor, but an amazing coat that I got for fifteen dollars at a vintage shop in Harvard that is unfortunately moving across the country. I'm going to go back within the next month before she leaves, so that I can ask exactly where she's moving and then I can let all you guys on the West coast know. She seriously knows how to pick great vintage pieces for her shop. In fact, it's a little overwhelming. The first time I walked in, I turned around because I was like "no way. I am not looking through all this." But you just have to commit to it, and go for it!

IMG 0046


Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

LOVE that coat!!

Maria @ Orchard Bloom said...

i think the lady is cute!

Angel said...

That first doll is cute!

Caitie said...

that blazer is fab!



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