Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nail Tutorial

I'm going to share a nail tutorial with you today! One of my most favorite bloggers does nail tutorials. She's seriously the most creative person ever. I used this post as inspiration.

P.S. I almost NEVER do my nails, but I decided that since I have the next two weeks off to lollygag around, I'm going to practice getting my nails done in a jiffy! (Oh yeah- I got a job! And it's seriously the most amazing opportunity ever. I am going to be the assistant to the SVP of Product of Sperry Topsider's Women's Division! I'm seriously stoked, and can't wait to get into that office and work my ass off!)

Step 1. Paint your nails one solid color. I went with a peach orange, but you can't really tell because I was using my iPhone for documenting.

IMG 0059

After you're done with how ever many coats you need to do, WAIT. Let it dry. I really like using Revlon Top-Speed colors, so that it doesn't take hours and hours. They've been on sale at CVS lately, so I've been stocking up.

Step 2. Put two pieces of scotch tape, criss-crossing each other, on each nail.

IMG 0060

Step 3. Paint in the empty triangle created by the tape.

IMG 0062

Step 4. After a couple minutes, you can take the tape off, and put the top coat on.

IMG 0065

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