Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Style de Haviland: Orange You Happy?

Can I tell you guys that my my new place of employment is incredible?

I don't want to get all braggy and be like "blah, blah, my life is awesome!" Because trust me, my life isn't always awesome. God likes to throw curve balls at me A LOT. I'm not sure if He says to himself, "Em can handle this. She's got it…" Sometimes it feels like he does.

And I get off topic really fast, so ANYWAYS, I was about to brag a little about my job! Working for Sperry Top-Sider as the assistant to a really incredible woman with a really incredible team of people, is literally a breath of fresh air. I have never felt more comfortable. EVER. Even though everywhere I turn I don't have a friend in sight, like my last job, there is a general feeling of "I get you," when I walk by my colleagues, especially the product design team. It's FULL of insanely artistic and talented people, and we all get each other. And everyone's so PASSIONATE!

Seriously, even though I've known who Sperry was since I was a kid, and have seen a thousand advertisements of theirs, it was still SO exciting to be thumbing through the most recent Vogue (the only subscription I have) and see my employer. In Vogue.

Yes, I took a picture of this moment and texted it to my boyfriend and my mom:
Dennis is gone in LA on a business trip and I haven't posted an outfit in several weeks. So here are some crappy pictures from my iPhone of the outfit I wore to work today.


Flats: Michael Kors

Blouse: Thrifted here

Necklace: J.Crew

Jeans: GAP

Cardigan: Anthropologie (Sale)


JanM ♥ said...

Wow great job! :)


Jazz said...

i really dig that cardigan, love the detail.


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