Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Bachelorette: Week 1

Yes, I've jumped on this bandwagon, and I figure that since this show has absolutely no redeeming qualities, I might as well put it to use and write a post about it.

This show is getting more and more ridiculous and the years go by. I mean, I think like two couples have actually gotten married and have lasted a decent amount of time? 

Emily maynard 440

So here are my comments: 

A. Why the heck does everyone think that Emily Maynard is so absolutely gorgeous? Why? I'm confused. She looks like every other woman that lives in South Carolina and the rest of the south. The all-American blonde type. All of the men were like drooolliinnggg over her, and I was like, "wait a second, am I missing something?" 

B. It's funny. As I was watching the show last night on Hulu, I was thinking to myself, "wow, there are some super sexy men on this season. And if they weren't all lying out of their assholes, then I would totally sign up for this show too." I mean, all these men, some being around my age, claim that they want to get married and make babies. Really? I've never met a guy who wanted to get married and make babies in their mid(ish) twenties, other than the crazy dudes that I went to college with. (A Christian private college.) 

C. In the opening scenes, Emily was tucking herself into bed and asks her daughter what she's thankful for. "I'm thankful for love." Wait, what? Aren't you like six? 

D. The 41 year-old mole guy has six kids. Six. Why are you here man? This chick is 26. She doesn't want to marry a dude with massive moles on his face, six kids, and over forty; especially when she has men that look like models and apparently want to settle down like yesterday coming after her.

The bachelorette jef holm

E. Jef. With one F. He's my and every other hipster-girl's fantasy, except for the fact that he's on The Bachelorette.That just ruined it. And how about this head shot?

F. Chris Harrison is divorced. That's funny. And ironic. Someone make him the next bachelor. 


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Gentri said...

hahaha! Love this! AND jef is from Utah! Hoping I run into him one day. That'd be pretty cool. haha!


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