Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Style de Haviland: 70's Goucho

When I first saw this jumper, I thought "hmmmm, that looks interesting." Then when I put it on I was like, "ummmm, hi, you're awesome." 

Welcome to the way my mind works...

Anyways, I'm on vacation this week and I'm pretty freakin' happy about it! It needed this BIG TIME. It's been a tough year, and since I started my new job in mid-April, I hadn't had a day off. Spending time with my parents and younger brother is kind of amazing too. We make each other laugh and will sit at the dinner table for hours and just talk. It's nice. 

IMG 3714

IMG 3716

IMG 3717

IMG 3718

IMG 3719

IMG 3727

IMG 3730

IMG 3732

Necklace: T.J.Maxx

Jumper: Vintage

Shoes: Franco Sarto via Marshalls 

1 comment:

jen said...

Love your bada-bing pose. You are rockin' that outfit!


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