Monday, January 7, 2013

Style de Haviland: Vintage Skirt

It's Monday fun-day! Uhhhhhhhhhh…… Yeah, Mondays kind of blow sometimes, don't they? I mean Wednesday - Sunday I'm golden and happy as a clam! But Mondays and Tuesdays, no me gusta.

This is an outfit I wore sometime before Christmas. It was pretty intense, because they skirt is made of a very heavy wool and is from the 60's. It's intense. I feel like I'm wearing one of those "Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" wedding gowns because I'm carrying all this damn weight on my hips… Well, that's in exaggeration, but it sounded funny, right?!

IMG 6008

IMG 6014

IMG 6015

IMG 6029

IMG 6037

Shirt: J.Crew 

Skirt: Vintage via The Garment District

Belt: The Gap (Probably 10 years old) 

Necklace: … Stole from my friend? Hi Neen! 

Boots: Cole Haan (men's) thrifted via Boomerangs

1 comment:

Turtle Love Co. (Aubin) said...

I bet the skirt is super warm in Boston winter weather, though (especially against the wind). Also- I have a belt that looks just like that except in gold. You've got good taste, lady!


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