Monday, February 18, 2013

A Ball in Charleston, South Carolahhna

Every so often, and for some reason these past few years, I get extraordinarily overwhelmed towards the end of the winter. By what, you ask? Maybe? 

I get restless, I contemplate things far too much, and everything freaks me the eff out! At the beginning of the year, I knew this year was going to be different, but I wasn't sure how. After the past couple that have been extremely difficult, with growing pains up the ring yang; I prayed that God would reveal some things to me this year and that was certain to make it an extremely good one. I'm doing a lot of traveling around the states this year, with only more trips in the works. It's exciting, and I never thought I'd see myself embrace it as much as I'm starting to! 

This past weekend I took a trip down to Charleston to visit one of my dearest friends (of almost 12 years) at med school. We had an incredible time and I can't wait to go again! 


Here he is, in the flesh, sorta, playing the part of Uncle Keais to little Benji. (HIs future roommate's new pup.) And this pup was one of the snuggliest pups I've ever met. We became besties within fifteen minutes.

Oye… It's almost painful to look at him!




Miss Liza (Keais' sister)  took this photo for me before we left to meet Keais at the charity ball. (I can't forget to thank that lovely lady for her amazing Southern hospitality. A true kindred spirit she is, my friends.) 



And here we are. Me and the preppy stud himself. 

Dress: ModCloth

Necklace and earrings: So Good Jewelry

Tights: Betsy Johnson via Macy's

Shoes: Seychelles 

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Shubham kohli said...

Nice seems like you had an awesome time n ya the pictures are cool n you look beautiful in that dress


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