Monday, February 11, 2013

Real Life: Another Life...

So I'm having a super contemplative evening so far. Stick with me kids, this should be good... I'm listening to some pretty rad music right now (Beach House… holy JESUS, Meg and Col, you were right), the hookah lit up, and some patchouli incense. Yes, a contemplative mood, guys. 

So this past week was pretty interesting for me. In fact, I don't think I've ever had one like it and may very well never again. But let's PRAY that's not the case, right?! ANYhoo, I met some pretty amazing musicians, and it brought me back to the place I lived in for 15 years of my life. (And I have a very dear friend, little Jani-Muff to thank for introducing me to them.) For about five of those final years I was constantly surrounded by musicians that were blowing my mind away, and I haven't experienced that since probably age 20. Sunday night, I was introduced to the back-up band and part of the crew members for Mumford & Sons. 

Side note: Three years ago, I saw Mumford with my Irish roommate and Karina, my beloved best friend who died a year and a half ago. I had researched the band prior to going, because I didn't know much about them. They were new and fresh and folk, thus I was fell in music love. Karina went not having heard them yet, because we got her a ticket last minute. They were playing at The Middle East, in Central Square, Cambridge, Ma. MAYBE 200 people in the basement? And I believe they opened with Sigh No More, and Karina looked at me, looked at the band again, the music picked up, and she just started jumping up and down, fist pumping, with the rest of the mostly-Irisih audience. And I joined...

So after drinking several beers and not at all watching the Super Bowl with some of these guys on Sunday, I spent the next two nights listening to their beautiful music that I had memorized and going out with them afterwards. It was surreal… But I think the only things that made it truly surreal was because I saw them as my equals and vice versa. And I think that had to do with our musicianship that we shared, and how I had spent a night three years ago in oddly another life-time, listening to them in this tiny venue. 

Mumford & Sons' music is incredible and there will never be another band like them, but! their character is even better. And when I say Mumford & Sons, I mean the entire touring band and their techs and crew. They're great people that just love music, who just want to be a part of it in some way. And it brought me so much joy to feel a part of that again for three days. 

Thanks, guys. I'll never forget it. And I hope our paths cross again at some point. 



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Anonymous said...

I feel so honored to know these men. How is it that they inspire so many people? my heart swells for them every time I hear their music. When I heard them play on the Grammy's my eyes brimmed with tears and my stomach was full of nervous butterflies for them. How can I feel such a connection to these wonderful big hearted guys I have only met twice? They make me want to sing and cry and hug them all at once. what are we doing not listening to our hearts and singing all the time? I love you Em


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