Friday, February 22, 2013

Style de Haviland: I Don't Try on Fridays

This is what I am currently wearing… As. I. Type. This. Woahhhhhh. 

So it's Friday and the middle of the winter. By the end of the week, I just stop trying, sorta. I'm as casual as possible when it comes to the office attire. And it's really got to stop! But I mean, guys, I'm in Boston. It's too freaking cold to look cute all the time! Ya hur?!

IMG 6343

IMG 6344

IMG 6345

IMG 6347

And I was doing something weird with my hand up there. 

IMG 6370

IMG 6371

I really need to get outside during the daylight to do these. I know I am committing a serious fashion blogger crime, but girl's got a full-time job (among other things)! I'll get to it, guys. Once it's gets a little warmer out! 


Sarah said...

Man, I hear ya! I live in Idaho and it's too cold to even try sometimes..

blue roses said...

trying to look inspired and attractive in frigid air is hard, let alone finding time to then document, also attractively, aforementioned inspired look. sigh. i give you props, for looking cozy and cute and for finding time in the midst of a working day to take photographs (something i stopped doing entirely...oops!)

Hanna said...

LOVE yor vans:)


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