Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Style de Haviland: One of my Big Sweaters

Life is just crazy, isn't it? Throwing curve balls at ya constantly! It literally never stops and I kinda like it! 

Here's a little ditty from last week. 

IMG 6328

IMG 6326

IMG 6320

IMG 6323

IMG 6331

IMG 6334

Scarf: Urban Outfitters

Shirt & Sweater: T.J.Maxx

Jeans: Buffalo hand-me-downs from the Madre

Shoes: Clark's Wallabees

Earrings: So Good Jewelry 


Adrienne Clark said...

Love those shoes and that scarf! I went to Dillard's today and saw some similar dolce vita shoes on sale but they didn't have my size grrr!


badbatdiary said...

Cool outfit !


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