Friday, June 21, 2013

My Home: The Common Area

I've been waiting until I felt relatively comfortable with the way our apartment is starting to look. A lot of it is a constant work in progress. Rachel and I are on the top floor of our apartment building. This is what the front door opens into. We try to keep it as homey-feeling as possible at all times. When I get home at night, I almost always have a seasonal candle from Yankee Candle burning. (I'm a candle snob,) although, I've started to hear more about the chemicals used in those candles. Since I already burn a good amount of patchouli incense, I'm thinking I just switching over completely. 

IMG 5403

We now have pale pink oriental rug, thanks to my parents. Have yet to get my lazy ass to take a picture of that. 

A close up of my hanging balls. Ar ar ar.

IMG 5411

Tip to having a "homie" home: always have fresh flowers where you'll be able to admire them regularly. I save those flower food-packets that you get with every bouquet and will use them if I think they need a little sprucing up. The best cheap flowers that will stay in good condition (if you change the water every 2-3 days) is at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I'm seriously never let down. At Trader Joe's I will get one $3.99 bouquet and one $5.99 bouquet that I think will complement each other. I end up spend around $10 on flowers every two weeks or so. At Whole Foods it's a little more expensive, but that's where I got these sunflowers. I got two $5.99 bouquets and combined them. Although, I recently was in organic mecca in Texas at Central Market, and the flowers looked pretty amazing and well taken care of. 

IMG 5422

And here's our new bookshelf friend, above our little 24" flat screen. His name is Hoobert. Thinking about dubbing him Sir, Hoobert. Thoughts? 



Enjoy the weekend, everyone! 

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